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If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges in Texas, your future is at risk. You may be facing harsh fines, restitution to victims, community supervision, jail or prison time, and other far-reaching consequences. In addition, studies have shown that criminal records can result in lost income, difficulty in finding a place to live, and loss of your rights as a citizen. As a Collin County criminal defense attorney, Mark O’Bryan will aggressively defend you, fight the prosecution and law enforcement agencies pursuing you, and protect your legal rights. Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty of one.

This Plano Criminal Lawyer Cares About You and Is Your Lawyer

Mark O’Bryan is a Collin County criminal defense lawyer who provides competent representation to those facing misdemeanor and felony charges in Texas. Some lawyers structure their practice to where the lawyer who advertises his or her services performs little to no actual work on the cases they accept. Instead, the cases are handed off to another attorney or staff member, resulting in poor quality control.

When you hire Mark O’Bryan to represent you in your criminal matter, Mark O’Bryan will personally handle your case from the time it is filed all the way up to its final disposition. Your case will not be handed down to a partner, associate, staff member, or passed to another law firm or attorney. Mark O’Bryan has a passionate understanding of the law, recognizes the importance of being accessible to his clients, and he personally represents each and every client.

You Need a Collin County Criminal Defense Attorney

In Texas, when you are charged with a crime, you are not required to hire an attorney to represent you. You may go to court and discuss your case with the State’s prosecutor all by yourself. However, will you know what to do and how to present a convincing defense on your behalf? The district attorney already assumes you are guilty of the criminal offense for which you have been charged. The district attorney wouldn’t have filed criminal charges against you in the first place had he or she believed otherwise.

When you go to court, the only option you will be presented with will be to plead guilty to the crime that you have been charged with. Furthermore, the Judge and other court personnel are not permitted to provide legal advice to you or assist you in presenting a defense. You need an experienced Collin County criminal defense attorney who will protect your constitutional rights and force the State and it’s team of district attorneys to prove each and every element of the criminal offense that you have been charged with.

Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom in Collin County, Texas

Mark O’Bryan handles a wide range of criminal offenses throughout Collin County and other surrounding counties. He takes the time to understand his clients and their cases, and he represents them with respect, skill, and intellect. It is important to hire a Collin County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to learn about your legal options and how to deal with the pending criminal charges against you. To receive a free initial consultation, call Mark O’Bryan at 972-372-4054 or contact him online today.