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Michael Morton, who was wrongfully convicted of murder for the 1986 slaying of his wife, Christine, spent 25 years in a Texas prison before being exonerated and released in 2011 as a result of DNA testing. Many people would probably be surprised to learn that Texas leads the nation with 117 people having been exonerated of crimes that they were [...]

Facing an assault family violence charge in Texas is serious business that may result in some very serious and life-changing consequences. For example, receiving a final conviction for assault family violence may prevent you from renting an apartment, possessing a handgun, and finding suitable employment. In addition, an assault family violence conviction can often result in devastating consequences in relation [...]

It’s Friday night, and you and your friends are in your car headed out to a party. Distracted by your friends and their back and forth banter about how many girls are going to be at the party, you accidentally forget to use your blinker to signal a lane change before moving into the right lane of the highway. [...]

You’re at the mall on a Friday night with your friends from high school or college. Sure, you have a part time job, but it doesn’t pay like it needs to. All of your buddies have the new iphone and, in a moment of compromise, you decide to discretely slide one of the display models [...]

So, you, a friend, or family member was recently charged with a criminal offense in Texas and received “deferred adjudication.” You managed to avoid spending any time in jail or prison, paid your fines out, did community service work, and now your life is just splendid. But, what exactly is deferred adjudication, and how does it differ [...]

In my younger days, life was simple. If you wanted to look “cool,” then you smoked Marlboro Reds. If you wanted to get high, you smoked weed. Not so much the case anymore. Today, if you want to smoke, you smoke “E-Cigs” to avoid the unpleasant smoke and the nasty smell associated with cigarettes. If [...]

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