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I received a citation for Drug Paraphernalia just before traveling overseas. After reading up to find simply paying the ticket would result in it going on my record. I called Mark two days before my fine was due, not knowing what to expect or how to proceed. Mark took over from there, and I went on like it never happened. He attended my court date, requested my deferred disposition and kept me in the loop the whole way. Not only did I get to sit on the sideline while he got me the results I wanted, he did it for a more than reasonable fee. In fact, simply paying my fine, other than dirtying up my clean record, would have cost me more. He was able to get my fine reduced enough to pay his fee AND save me over 100 bucks on top of that (which I feel should be his tip!) I’m not a big review writer, but this man was professional, knowledgable, and in control. I’m tellin you, I just called him, and from there I had no responsibility. Extremely knowledgable, informative, prompt, and professional. Well worth every penny.
I don’t have much experience working with a lawyer, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I was always kept well informed and updated with any changes. He was always two steps ahead and very proactive in finding a solution.
Mr. O’Bryan was very professional in his dealings with me and tried to solicit the best outcome for me. He was cautiously optimistic which was a good thing in situations involving the legal system.
I would highly recommend Mark to represent you as your lawyer. Mark was able to reduce my charge for a Class A Misdemeanor Interfering with a 911 call to a Class C Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. I was able to get responses from Mark through email communications for any questions that I had about the case. I was well informed about the procedures and was given 48 hours notice for my 2 court appearances. Mark is an honest and trustworthy man. He is also friendly, pleasant, and easy to get along with.
My experience with Mark O’Bryan as my attorney was a good one. He always came through and did a great job with my case. I would recommend him to anyone I know. The price he charged me was very reasonable, and I have no regrets.
Mark was a great lawyer and helped me through a tough process. I was arrested for a class B misdemeanor and it was the first time I ever got in trouble. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. He kept me updated on everything as soon as he found out, answered my many, many questions very quickly and got me exactly the result I wanted. As a college student in a different city it was very hard to get back to Collin County for court dates and what not and he worked around my schedule and was able to shift around many, many court date times to something I could make. I was a little hesitant at first because he is so young but now I am very glad I chose him. He understood and could relate to my situation more and he actually cared what happened to me. When I was at court another person saw me talking to him and how relateable and easy he was to work with and after Mark left, the man came up to me and told me that his lawyer was old and awful and didn’t care about him at all and asked me about Mark, he then asked me for Mark’s number and I believe ended up switching his lawyer to him. I would strongly recommend hiring Mark as your attorney!
Mark O’Bryan is my attorney and I have no doubt in my mind he could handle my case. He is very knowledgable in every aspect of his job. I would and have recommended him to my friends and family.
Mark did an excellent job doing what I needed and always kept me updated throughout the entire process. He was very knowledgable and knew what he was doing. Made the entire process go over smoothly and effectively.