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No matter how careful you are these days, it’s not all too uncommon to become involved in some type of car accident or other vehicle accident at some point or another in your life. And, while emotions may run high if or when that time comes, it’s best for you to take a few breaths, [...]

If you’re like me, you use the tollways here in Collin County, Texas; and, while you may pay your tolls, you certainly don’t enjoy paying them. According to the North Texas Tollway Authority’s (NTTA) website, 92 percent of North Texans and visitors who travel on NTTA toll roads pay for their use of the toll roads. [...]

Texas Revenge Porn Lawyer

Revenge porn, or the act of sharing private or intimate information such as break up revenge photos or “revenge nudes,” online with the intent to shame, harass, or embarrass the victim, has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. In the typical case, sexually explicit photos or similar content is uploaded to the [...]

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