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Criminal Defense Articles

How to Choose a Lawyer

Picture this scenario for a moment. You’re standing in line at Starbucks waiting for your drink to be made when you spot a sexy stranger. You, being you, methodically saunter over to the delightful stranger and immediately strike up a small conversation with him or her. The conversation goes well and, as you grab your hazelnut macchiato, you ask [...]

Whether you’re new to Texas or just new to having warrants out for your arrest, one thing that you need to be painfully aware of is the fact that Texas’ annual warrant round up is going on right now. What is the warrant round up, you ask? Well, it’s the time of year (usually in [...]

As everyone would probably agree, the legal system and the laws drafted and enacted by the Texas legislature can be exceptionally difficult to interpret and completely understand. It would be nearly impossible for anyone, including a seasoned attorney, to become entirely familiar with the ins and outs of every single area of law. In fact, [...]

Picture this scenario for a moment. You’re in Walmart late at night during the busy holiday season when you notice that a crate of brand new 60-inch LED Panasonic Televisions have been left unattended near the fire exit at the back of the store. All of a sudden, your mind starts to race, and you [...]

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